To USB or Not to USB


Digital Downloads, Donuts (Free Donuts) or “How the Kindle made me fat(ter)”

Occasionally, we have donuts in the office.  They magically appear.

I eat the tops off 2 chocolate donuts, then throw away the bottoms.  It’s my way of “Cutting back”

I will come back to the donuts in just a moment.

My Kindle, My Son

I received my Kindle yesterday at  6:42pm. I handed it my son, and left for a 2 hour meeting.

When I came back at 8:17pm, he was reading it.

My son informed me, “The 3G is fine, I can buy books that way.”

Apparently he had bought some while I was away.

– The Kindle allows you to buy books over 3G “forever” without WiFi.

I spent 2 min setting up the WiFi, 5 min finding books with my son.  We found 3 Mark Twain books, and 2 books on King Arthur that were free.

It turns out that lots of books, classic books are available for free on the Internet in PDF or for the Kindle, Nook, any eReader…  Totally free.

(Also plenty of romance novels also).

I had to tear the Kindle out of my son’s hands at 10:12pm.

My Kindle, My Mom

When I was small, my mom read to me every night.

I’m sure if your mom loved you she would have read to you.

Well, it turns out the Kindle can now replace your Mom.  It will read to you out loud.

It’s not awesome, not like a voice actor or radio or HAL from 2001, but it’s okay. 

Video demonstration at the end of this blog (read the rest of my blog first, please)

My Kindle and USB

I charged my Kindle via USB to my computer. The Kindle shows up as a Mass Storage device, like a flash drive.

  • The Kindle has 4 GB of storage.
  • You can store and play real Audiobooks.
  • You can store and play real music.
  • Most Audiobooks are bigger than 4GB, so I haven’t figured that out yet.

My Kindle, My Donuts

So as I walked by the donuts this morning I thought:

”If I eat enough of these donuts, I don’t need to eat lunch and I can save my money to buy more books to read on my Kindle”

My Thanks

To my Readers, Readership was way up for August, a tough month since Europe and Japan are on vacation, so that made it exceptional.

Given the amount of time I spend on this each week, (Yes, hard to believe) your readership is important to me.

There are thousands of you (yes, also hard to believe) so keep forwarding to your friends and enemies.

Thanks to my mom for reading to me. I’m sure your mom loved you too, even if she didn’t read to you.

And thanks to Preston Hunt for encouraging me on the Kindle. 

I’m definitely buying at least 1 more for My Son

Who I love but don’t read to.

That’s what his Kindle is for…


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