To USB or Not to USB


Dropping USB 3.0 Host Chip ASPs

DigiTimes reports that Renesas (formerly NEC) will drop it’s USB 3.0 Host chip prices to $1.20 in 2012

So if you followed my other blogs, you can see how the ASP of a USB 3.0 Host Chip has dropped.


Now I should point out, that these are ASPs across the board.  Some of these Host chips may be of differing quality.  Certainly the drivers are of differing quality as well.

The real reason that prices may drop in early 2012 is that the PC chip sets should arrive in early 2012.  So these discrete chips will be competing against high end chipsets that include USB 3.0 for “free”  In fact, the aftermarket will exist for a very long time for USB 3.0.

For Laptop PCs, I actually believe, with iPads and Tablets, even Notebook PCs will upgrade less frequently.  Hard drive capacities will continue to grow, and people will still want add-on cards for those laptops. 

For desktops, if you have the raw processing power, you still want to backup your 3 TB or drives onto an external USB 3.0 drive, and you need an add-on for that because you don’t buy a new machine that often for your desktop. It never moves, and it just serves up content, pictures, videos for your whole house.

In both cases, you buy an add-on card for probably 10-20 dollars next year, and buy the latest hard drives.

And the next laptop you buy, will probably have USB 3.0. At least that is why my Dad is waiting.


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