To USB or Not to USB


Fastest SuperSpeed USB 3.0 IP

Here’s a awesome video showing our USB 3.0 xHCI Host IP, and USB 3.0 Device IP on our HAPS platform with our USB 3.0 PHY IP Test Chips

We did this demonstration at IDF last fall, and you will see the performance is much faster that all of the published performance by, well pretty much everyone even now, 11 months later.

We optimized the controller, and the PHY, and the drivers to achieve these speeds.

You will notice that our USB 3.0 xHCI Host & PHY running MCCI’s Win 7 drivers and and the USB 3.0 Device & PHY have no problem achieving these speeds.

The HAPS boards with our controller design in FPGA also easily supports USB 3.0.  We use our PCIe controller to connect to the PCIe on the PCs so there is no latency introduced there. 


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