To USB or Not to USB


iPad, iPod Frustrations and the Digital IP Life

As I visit Amazon EVERY day for a few minutes, I look for books.  Digital Books.  Which means that more of the money I make goes to Digital IP.

I’m looking for good books, that NEVER go on sale in the digital world (as far as I can tell).  So I’m paying full price.  Maybe $7.99 or $9.99 or $12.99 (USD).  This seems crazy since I can get used paperbacks shipped to me for about $5.

So I look around and I find lots of 0.99 books.  Yes, $1 books. Self-publishers now can write anything they want, and publish it on Amazon.  You will find that some of them are poorly edited with spelling mistakes or repeated words, or something spell-check didn’t quite get right.

iPad, iPod Frustrations

Okay, so the big frustration I have with the iPad / iPod is this:

There isn’t enough memory in my iPad (and iPod)


Yes, I bought the 64GB version

Yes, it fits all my music. But after the Music I have:

  1. 3 (legal) movies
  2. 12 (legal) episodes of TV shows
  3. 50 Apps
  4. about 400 photos
  5. I have no more space.

    I would pay extra for 128 GB iPad.  I really would.  How hard could it be?  The iCloud will not solve this problem for me.

Obviously, I need USB 3.0 on the iPad for faster Syncing.  In fact, I really, really could have used it yesterday as I backed up and updated 3 iPod/Pads to the latest Apple iOS firmware over 2 HOURS.

USB 2.0 Sucks.

Apple on Airplanes

You may remember that last summer, a VP I talked to said that 3 out of 4 people in business class had an iPad.

Still, walking down the aisle of any airplane, you will see 2-6 Apple devices in every row, in Economy seating, including, an iPhone, iPad, or iPod.  This isn’t representative of the world, just those privileged enough to fly, and spend money on Apps, Music, and maybe even books.

Considering the Kindle

Many of you may be experts already, so ignore this if you know everything and skip to the Amusing Anecdote

I’m considering buying Kindle because:

  1. It’s lightweight (less than 8 ounces)
  2. It uses E-Ink (easier on the eyes)
  3. Cheaper than an iPod/iPad

A Kindle can only read Amazon Kindle books (and PDFs).  You can e-mail PDFs to yourself for reading on the Kindle.

The cheapest unit is $119 with WiFi.  A 3G+WiFi unit is $139.

The 3G lets me download books anywhere I can be on the Sprint network without a Phone Plan. (maybe internationally too, I’m not sure).  This is a big bonus for getting the Wall Street Journal or your favorite paper anywhere.  That alone is worth it to many people.  You can get this on your iPad also with WiFi and a data plan.  So the Kindle is cheaper by $500 a year because it requires no data plan.


A graphic below shows the pricing so that I have something other than Text in the Blog Entry.




Amusing Anecdote

I was going to put an Amusing Anecdote about my children here, but I’m going to save that for my upcoming Novel.



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