To USB or Not to USB


TI OMAP 5 for Phones & Tablets with USB 3.0

Here’s a TI promotional video for their upcoming TI OMAP.  I highly recommend you take a look at the entire video.

——— On Feb 22, 2013 — Added 2 links to locations to watch the videos since the old one appears to be broken—–

——- = End of Edits

You will see it features:

  2. Gesture Control

  3. PicoProjector – The best use I’ve seen of one so far.
  4. eWallet
  5. Augmented Reality

These applications require throughput.

If you look at the diagram here at, you can see 2 interesting things:
1) USB 3.0 &
2) MIPI CSI with 4 ports


  • This chip will be in a Mobile Phone or Tablet
  • That Phone/Tablet will have 128GB+ of Flash Memory, you need USB 3.0 speeds to move video, pictures, and data on and off Phone/Tablet quickly.
  • The 4 MIPI CSI connections, mean 2 forward and 2 backward facing cameras.
    • 2 Cameras forward =
      • HD Still Capture
      • Probably 3D Video Capture
    • 2 Cameras backward
      • 3D Video Capture for accurate gesture/motion recognition
      • Maybe 3D Video Conferencing

The TI demo shows the phone used for everything. 



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