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iPad 2–My Review

After about 4 weeks with the iPad 2, I’m really surprised at what I’m using it for.

I thought I’d use it for:

  1. Videos – To watch recorded shows while exercising.
  2. Browsing – Casual browsing and news
  3. Games – On airplanes
  4. Apps – Like Weight Loss
  5. E-Mail

What I really use the iPad for

  1. eBooks – Read and Exercise (when I’m on a machine)
  2. iBooks – For reading Market Research PDFs
  3. Facetime – For video conferencing with the family
  4. E-Mail

I’ll explain why I love the above 4 items after I look at the cons

What I’m puzzled by (Semi-negative input)

1) Browsing -  I’ve found browsing the web to be cumbersome, I think because when I search, it seems to take longer to find and scroll through lots of lines of search.  I’m simply not enjoying reading the news on the iPad for some reason.  This may change if I subscribe to the WSJ via the Kindle.  An application called Flipbook is pretty good, but I’m concerned about privacy so I don’ t use it with my Google RSS fed.

2) Games – I’m just not interested.  I mean the kids love it.  What is interesting to me as a Marketeer? Games, high quality games, that were made a few years ago can run on the iPad 2.  Publishers can extract more dollars, without the cost of media or advertising from their best titles.  Without physical media or inventory, Apple has created a market for IP that otherwise would be wasted.

Okay, now the fun stuff.

  1. eBooks – I’ve spent probably $30 on eBooks using Amazon’s Kindle App.  From self-publishers to traditional books.
    1. Free Books – Lots of free books like “Alice in Wonderland” or “Tom Sawyer” can be downloaded for free using the Amazon Kindle store.  I’m sure these are available in some Google store also.
    2. Self Publishers – These writers publish their own works and sell them for $1 to $5.  I think they only split the proceeds with Amazon, so they don’t need to charge a lot.  The Amazon community rates the books, and they either do well, or they don’t. Again, a market that thrives with the help of both Amazon and Apple, but didn’t really exist 5 years ago.
    3. Traditional books – I find myself paying more for a digital copy of a book than for a good used copy.  This means that publishers don’t even need to print a hard copy, they get a bigger margin.  In fact, I’m considering buying more digital copies of books I already have, just so I can read them at the Gym.
  2. iBooks for PDFs – I’ve found this is the best way to read PDFs.  There’s a zoom feature so I can focus in and increase the font to make it more readable.  It’s simply fun to read on the iPad.
  3. Facetime – I’ve come to rely on this to communicate with my home.  Since my family members always seem to have an iPad or iPod within reach.  It’s also easier to use than a phone. And “free”

    I visited some relatives in China, connected to their WiFi and had a FaceTime Video Call up and running in about a minute with my parents. (Picture below)  I’m thinking of getting an iPad for my mom just for video conferencing.



More next time. And, expect me to buy 1-2 Apple products a year going forward.


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