To USB or Not to USB


More USB 3.0 Products & Hosts, H.264 over USB


More USB 3.0

The USB-IF reported this week that 237 USB 3.0 products have certified.

First, This is Awesome.

237 products easily supports hundreds of millions of USB 3.0 products

Second, We need More.

Until now, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 certification has not been superspeedy.


1) Mostly to keep the quality of the USB 3.0 certified products at a high level
2) To make sure 3.0 works with 2.0

Certification tests had to be done at:

1) The USB-IF labs in Oregon or
2) at Quarterly USB-IF Plugfest held in Hawaii, Taiwan, or California.

I wish I could have gone to Hawaii. I’ve never been to Hawaii.

The Great Improvement is:

The USB-IF now says:
1) Take your USB 3.0 Device (peripheral) and have pre-testing done at a 3rd Party lab.
The USB-IF lab spot checks the results, and certifies the products officially.

This increases Certification throughput capacity by probably 10-20x.

So, thousands of USB 3.0 certifications can begin.

More USB 3.0

Asmedia and Etron have both announced they have USB 3.0 Host Certifications.

These companies join TI, Fresco, and NEC discrete Host providers.

This should keep the cost of Host implementations down

In fact, Global Sources says,

“Material overhead declined in the past months, thus pushing down USB 3.0 cable quotes. Host controller spending slipped to as low as $2 from $7 to $9 in 2008. This reduced cable rates by $0.50 to $1 compared with six months ago. The variant is still three or four times more expensive than USB 2.0 types, but prices are forecast to drop further”

Most new laptops have USB 3.0 as a standard feature (maybe not the cheapest laptops).


H.264 over USB

The USB-IF also released a new standard that allows for H.264 over USB.  It’s always been possible, this just standardizes it and makes it easier.  Read the press release here.


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