To USB or Not to USB


E3 Microsoft XBOX 360 Kinect, The Best BlackBerry Ever, Tango the iPhone App

Microsoft heavily promoted the Kinect XBOX 360 games today at E3. Developers have had a another year to generate new uses, and it shows in the latest line-up of games.

The Kinect is a USB peripheral.  I know you remember that the Kinect is Motion Sensing Video Camera that let’s you use your whole body to play games. 

More Creatitivity with 3D Web Cameras

A 3D Camera like the Kinect allows you to really find ways to be creative.

See a demo of Drawing in 3D at 3:00 in the video below.

Or advance to 4:00 to see you you can use the Kinect to take a real 3D object and bring it into a 3D world inside the XBOX


Fun Stuff

Here’s a Demonstration of Dance Central 2 – The game detects your movements so:

a) You can dance with your kids for hours
You can be a better dancer (hiding your inner nerd)
c) Your kids can be better dancers that you ever will be.


If a bunch of people post comments, maybe I’ll post video of myself playing Dance Central on the XBOX 360 with Kinect.

Here’s the Star Wars Kinect Demo.  I’m sure the kids will love that too.  It’s the closest they’ll ever become to being a Jedi.



As a Concept – 3D Art drawing is interesting. Advance to 3:11 to see this demonstration.

The Best BlackBerry Ever

After my 20th trip to Japan where my phone didn’t work (during the earthquake), I requested a replacement.  I’m excited to say I received my 6th Blackberry phone, and it’s fantastic.

The BlackBerry Curve 3G has:

1) beautiful interface
2) fast response time, and
3) superb voice recognition. 
4) 3G
5) Better WiFi (as far as I can tell)
6) Even the USB seems faster.

And it hasn’t crashed or frozen on my even once.  So I’m loving this phone.

Tango on the iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4

I installed “Tango Video Calls” on my iPod Touch and iPad 2 (yes I got one) and had a call with my Dad in less than 2 minutes.  It was super easy, and good quality over WiFi.  FaceTime has taken longer for me to set up, but it also seems to work.  FaceTime does not work on my corporate WiFi, but Tango does.  Tango is free, so give it a try.

More on my iPad 2, and maybe SSIC next time.


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