To USB or Not to USB


DisplayLink USB 3.0 to Dual Display Chip ready to order

DisplayLink now has the worlds first & only USB 3.0 to Dual Display Video Chip available for OEMs

Here’s a demonstration of their DisplayLink with us at IDF.

The chip lets you daisy chain up to 6 USB monitors, which means that the bandwidth of USB 3.0 let’s you run 6 displays running 1080p video.


Video Compression over USB 3.0

DisplayLink’s Jason Slaughter explains why DisplayLink uses Video Compression to move HD video over USB 3.0. 

So the compression is necessary to overcome any system latencies and provide the responsiveness we expect from our computers. 

Question of the Day

What’s significant about a Dual Display Chip?  Why would I want this?

Answer in the comments below.



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