To USB or Not to USB


Apple’s Leadership in Mobile Computer (long before the iPad 2)

iSuppli predicts that Apple will become the world’s top consumer of semiconductor chips in 2012




This little prediction in July last year was so interesting to me, that I decided to keep it to myself.

Yes, it was reported  in the press.

Yes, there is an error in the graph above, the first column says, “Company” but it’s not my press release it’s iSuppli’s graph and analysis.

The reason I bring this up now, is that Apple has shipped about 10.2 Million mobile PCs in Q4 2010, about 7.3 million of those were iPads.  This is more than HP (9.3M), Acer (8.4M), Dell (5.9M), and Toshiba (5.1M) shipped in Q4.

So Apple has:

1) Become the number 1 Mobile PC supplier with the iPad as of Q4 2011

2) Pushes the suppliers around the world to increase their capacity for production.

Apple dedicated $3.9 Billion in prepayments over the next 2 years, iSuppli thinks these companies are LG, Samsung, Toshiba, and Sharp

I think this is Awesome because:

1) People are buying these iPads and iPhone, new ones every year. (and not giving the old ones to me)

2) It’s pushing demand for components, which should create new jobs

3) It’s pushing the demand for Apps, like games, not just on the Apple platforms, but also on the Google and eventually other platforms. Something like over 100 tablet designs, and lots of smart phones.


1) More demand for lots of components (cheap (connectors/cables/accessories) and expensive ones(touch screens))
2) More demand for design engineers, verification engineers, industrial design experts…
3) Read…

Question of the Week

What is the maximum theoretical read/write speed of a SATA 6 Gbps equipped SSD?
What is the fastest claimed speed?
What is the fastest benchmarked speed?

Answer in the comments below. Include a link to your source please.

My Negativity on Negativity

It drives me absolutely crazy to see the negativity around things like “Oh, Apple is closed,” or “the Mac App Store is restrictive” because I see a better experience on my iPod than I see on my PC. (And I will always be a PC person)

The other thing that drives me crazy is the criticism of Apple for charging 30% on iPad Magazine subscriptions.  I have news for everyone (for which I will not charge 30%).  This market didn’t exist 1 year ago!  You were already losing market share in print to on-line, and no one was paying for it!

I see more opportunities for hardware makers, software makers, after market devices, and LEGAL SUBSCRIPTIONS than ever.  In a market that didn’t exist for the iPad 1 year ago, and for the iPhone 5 years ago.

No one in the world could provide another way for companies to make money digitally, to get people to pay LEGALLY for Music, LEGALLY for Video, and actually pay money for magazines and subscriptions.

So what did Apple create?

1) Market for Apps
2) Market for Digital Video
3) Market for Digital Media
4) Market for Portable Games
5) Market for Digital Video Rental
6) Market for Digital Magazines and Newspapers


How horrible.

I’m left to believe that anyone criticizing Apple just wants press time.

In fact I bet you stopped reading this right after you looked at the graph.

Answer to the previous question

What is missing from the Apple Patent?

Commenter “Chandrashekar BU” responded correctly.  Thunderbolt. 

After reading a few more articles, it appears that the patent, or some version refers to Dual DisplayPort which might imply Thunderbolt, but I can’t tell.

Comment below. Please.


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