To USB or Not to USB


Apple’s USB 3.0 DisplayPort Patent, Radiation, Cell Phones, and Bananas

Patently Apple reports today that Apple has applied for a patent on a combined USB 3.0 and DisplayPort connector.

Apple Wins Patent for All-New Hybrid DisplayPort USB 3.0 Connector , Apr 5, 2011

The great thing is we now know that Apple is at least thinking about USB 3.0.  The connector is (obviously) for their iPad, iPhone, iPod devices.
I like to be positive about everything, but there is one thing missing from this. I blogged about it not to long ago.


This week’s question

What is missing from the Apple Patent?

Answer in the Comments below.

Answer to last week’s question later on


Radiation, Cell Phones, Bananas

We had a Job Shadow day where kids from our nearby high school visited us.

We talked about cell phones.

One student asked, “Do cell phones cause cancer?”

One sage adult responded, “Your generation will be the first to find out.”

(I don’t think she meant to be funny, but it was quite funny to me).

Another bright student asked, “Aren’t bananas bad for you? They have potassium.”

Never one to miss a segue

At this point I started talking up how Potassium is good for your heart, and is a necessary nutrient.

The student stated, “I’ll send you the link.”

Here’s what I learned.

1) Cell phones do not emit ionizing radiation
2) A single banana contains Potassium, which has isotopes with ionization radiation
3) Therefore, it is more dangerous to eat 1 banana than to use your cell phone for 50 years (unless it’s a bananaphone)

Here’s the chart from

The work appears to me to be well supported with citations to credible sources. Odd are your kids have already seen the picture above in their science class (by the way).  Show it to them and talk about it, or forward it to your science teacher or your kid’s science teacher.

Then tell them to subscribe to my blog.  In addition, this article has a nice explanation on everyday sources of radiation for a more general audience. 


Answer to last week’s question

In December, I started to plan to buy an iPad 2, “What did I find when I went looking for “Best iPad Apps of 2009”

Commenter “Dave” responded correctly.  No Apps were available in 2009 for the iPad.  The iPad started shipping almost exactly a year ago (in 2010).  It’s simply amazing to me that there are 100s of Tablet projects now for a market that Apple created 1 year ago.


Comment below. Please.


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