To USB or Not to USB


Kinect Teardown from EE Times, Second USB 3.0 Host Certified

Sony and Microsoft have added Motion Control to their game systems.  Specifically, Sony has wireless motions sensing remotes (called the Move) similar to the Wii controller (WiMote).  Microsoft has the Kinect.

Microsoft Kinect gives the 5 year old XBox and will likely boost sales and lengthen the life of the XBox 360 further.

In fact, the Sony Move and the Microsoft Kinect will definitely inject revenue to game sales in general.

The Kinect is a USB peripheral.  is a actually 2 video cameras in a box with microphones in the box.  The software constructs a 3D image of your body

Image 1

Image Source: Gamespot.

The EETimes did a teardown of the Kinect.

The 2 PCB boards inside the Kinect included at least 2 USB 2.0 chips

1) an NEC USB 2.0 Hub.

2) a TI USB Peripheral chip.

The Hub indicates that there must be at least 1 other USB peripheral in the chip.

For a listing of the major parts found by UBM TechInsights within Kinect go to the EETimes article here:–56–teardown-finds-?cid=NL_EETimesDaily

Second USB 3.0 Host Certified

The USB-IF granted Fresco Logic certification of their USB 3.0 xHCI Host Controller.  This is really, really, really important because it will put some real competition in the market for NEC’s USB 3.0 xHCI Host Chips, the first and previously only certified Host controller.  Digitimes reports that Fresco Logic already has Asustekand ASRock as customers for its Host Chip.  Digitimes also reports that prices have dropped to something like $2-$3 per chip, down from $6 initially for NEC Host Chip.

More competition, means lower prices, means more USB 3.0 everywhere.

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