To USB or Not to USB


SmartPhone sales increase in the U.S., LightPeak


According to Nielsen, SmartPhones continue to replace regular Feature Phones (phones that only make phone calls, and do have not internet).




Looking the graph below, I personally think that variations of 5% or less are almost like noise.

I suspect that the rise in the adoption of Google phones below shows:

1) The SmartPhone market growth of 3% mean more people buy phones
2) More SmartPHone buyers, most of who do not use AT&T, buy the Google Phones.  Google Phones are available on all Service Providers like Verison, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T. New users only great choice for a touch screen phone to stay on their network is a Google Phone.  (I should note that the HTC Incredible and the latest phones are truly terrific).
3) Migration of some RIM and Windows Mobile users going to Google.





More articles on LightPeak again. More on it passing up USB 3.0.  It always surprises me how Journalists or bloggers like to speculate for the sake of creating content for their blogs.

I would like to reiterate

1) USB 3.0 has 100s of developers
2) USB 3.0 has 100+ certified products
3) USB 3.0 has hardware on shelves
4) USB 3.0 PCs can be bought (or built to order)
5) The USB-IF has a formal USB Certification and Interoperability program.
6) If you think USB 3.0 is complex, wouldn’t LightPeak be even harder? 
– Think about it. 
– Tens of thousands of engineers understand how use copper to send data.
– How many understand optics? 
– How many understand how to build the optics?

To be clear, there are issues with USB 3.0.  None of them easy.  All of them being addressed by the USB-IF and it’s member companies.

LightPeak will come.  It has several advantages.

USB 3.0 is and will be first.



Creative Tablet

Creative announced a tablet in 7” and 10” formats.  They are cool and they use USB.

Creative ZiiO 10 and 7 Pure Wireless Entertainment Tablets

Read more here:

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