To USB or Not to USB


USB 3.0 in Chipsets

Digitimes reports that USB 3.0 will appear in chipsets by January 2012.

Given that everyone from Apple’s Steve Jobs showed concerns about USB 3.0 deployment,


I can only say this:

USB 3.0 is complex. The Inventors of USB aren’t fooling around, they want to do it right. I find this encouraging.

Lots of products exist.  Some certified, others, not so much.   I can tell you there are plenty more that could be out there, but the USB-IF focuses on broad usability and compatibility.  For USB 3.0 to thrive, the USB-IF must be rigorous and those that want the certification need to pass those tests.

If I’m Apple,  Why rush?  Apple has plenty of innovation going on already.

Having said that, you can easily buy PCs and Laptops with USB 3.0 support today.  If you want 4x the speeds of USB 2.0, get those now.  They are only limited by the USB 3.0 Host card.  The peripherals will probably run even faster with the PCIe Gen 2 based USB 3.0 Host cards come out later.

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