To USB or Not to USB


First USB 3.0 Consumer Product & FreeBSD gets USB 3.0

3D drives 3.0

I can’t fill a 1 Terabyte drive with personal media yet, and I generate about 4 GB of digital pictures and video a month.

I can however fill an HD DVR in about 3 months.  I recorded a single episode of the new Hawaii-Five-O (from the writers of “Star Trek”) and it took up over 7GB on my HD TIVO.  Combined with “Fringe”, “House”, “Top Chef”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Bakugan”, “Pokemon”, and “Stargate Universe.”  I need storage space.

I really need to add an external drive to my HD DVR and USB 3.0 would be the right way to do it.  If all TV programming goes 3D, then the file size will go up to 14 GB per 1 hour episode (7GB per eye).

You may not watch TV, but a lot of people spend their money on this stuff.

And you thought you wouldn’t learn anything today reading this blog.


ASUS Media Player with USB 3.0

ASUS launches the first consumer product with USB 3.0.  As reported by Engadget here, the box supports just about every storage card in the market, AND it has USB 3.0 Host receptacle to accept USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 flash drives.

Since the decoder accepts all kinds of video formats, it looks like you could use it to view Home Videos from your DVC or DSC.


Verbatim and Western Digital USB 3.0 Hard DrivesVerbatium SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Store 'n' Go hard drive 1 TB



Verbatim announced a portable hard drive supporting up to 1 TB.  If you can believe that.  So if your IT department only gives you 100GB of disk space, buy one of these and hang it off your PC in your office.

And you can take your work home with you.




Western Digital USB Portable Hard Drive and a Tomato

Western Digital announced both Portable USB 3.0 Hard Drives and a 3 Terabyte USB 3.0 Book Shelf Hard Drive.  

Picture on left is from PCWorld here




Boring SuperSpeed USB 3.0

Honestly, Reading through all the new USB 3.0 products coming out can be tedious with at least 3 new products a week now.  It’s humorous that some members of the press really feel the need to knock USB 3.0 every chance they get.


FreeBSD gets USB 3.0 Support

You can now get USB 3.0 XHCI Host  Drivers from multiple sources:

1) NEC – Bundled with your PC or add-in Card if it has an NEC Host
2) MCCI – Supports Windows 7/Vista/XP. Portable to other OS’s. You can see our videos with them by clicking on the “USB Videos” catagory to your left.
3) Linux – Available for download since December 2008.
         Start here for general Linux USB support 
4) FreeBSD just announced support also.  You can get FreeBSD USB 3.0 drivers here

Just the expanding universe of USB Software support.


Bionic Exoskeleton

This inspiring technology helps paraplegics walk with assistance.  It could also speed rehabilitation for those that need assistance.


If you watch the video, you’ll learn that this is still in the prototype stage.  Commercialization for consumer use is probably some ways off. It really excites me to see technology make a dramatic and measureable difference.

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