To USB or Not to USB


USB Peripheral for iPad Gaming

Okay this really isn’t USB Peripherals for iPad.  It’s like a USB Docking Station.  That base has a USB 2.0 Host in it.

Griffen Party Dock for iPad


Game players, Party Game players take a wireless controller and play trivia type party games.










On the back, you see the various Video outs.  I’m betting the iPad screen works fine, but if you want to hook it up to your Sony/Samsung 3D display, it will let you do that too..  I assume power is available to charge your iPad also.

More pictures at TouchArcade here of the Griffin Party Dock.


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You could already play 2 player games on the same screen, or multi-player games where you pass the iPad around.


Basically, Apple has launched either an expensive, or a cheap gaming console.  Games only cost about $5-$20 dollars.  $20 dollars on the high side.     You download games directly from Apple.  This compares to games for the XBox 360 for download for $8-20.   But, the XBox isn’t as portable or contain a screen.  Games on the PS3 are comparable in price.  I just thought it was interesting that as the iPad processing power increases with each generation, each year, it may be able to grab more gaming marketing share while the XBox and the PlayStation renew every 5+ years.  I don’t know about hard core games, but I know it’s really easy to download new games to an iPad from any WiFi connection and it includes controls and a screen all in one.

Here’s a screen shot of the famous Unreal engine running on an iPhone (not even an iPad)

More pictures here

This would enable hard-core gamers to play HD first person shooters (FPS) like Call of Duty (potentionally)

If the iPad can stream games the way you stream games on the PC through Facebook or movies through YouTube or Netflix, then the processing power could be elsewhere.  You could play other hardcore games on your touchscreen iPad.  Below, you’ll see the game World of Warcraft being played/demoed on an iPad.

For those of you who don’t know, World of Warcraft has about 11 million PAYING subscribers at about $15 a month.  Expansions can be bought for $60, but you need to buy the base game for $50 bucks, then the subsequent expansions.  If you do the math, this game generates about $165M a month in revenue.  I’m not kidding.  So again, do the math, that’s over $1 Gazillion dollars a year.

World of Warcraft addicts call the game WoW or World of WarCrack, or just WarCrack.

The Touch Arcade article on streaming WarCraft can be read here.  Several streaming technologies could be used.

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