To USB or Not to USB


iPods Announced

I’ve placed my order for a 4th Generation iPod about 15 minutes after I read the announcement on September 1 (after work, after soccer, after dinner).  I tried to “Chat” with an on-line Apple Store person, but there was a 13 min wait, so I called the local Apple Store on my landline.  I got someone on the phone in about 1 min.  Then I placed my order online.  Then the online Chat person came on about 11 minutes after I finished my order.  I think they were really busy online.

As everyone else expected, the iPod has all the iPhone 4 features:

  1. Retina Display – Better display
  2. HD Video Recording
  3. Picture taking (no flash, like the iPhone)
  4. Video conferencing & Facetime
  5. A4 Processor – Same as iPad and iPhone 4
  6. Up to 64 GB of Flash
  7. Up to 50 hours of battery life

The image above is from Apple and you can read more at their website here

The iPod has up to 50 hours of battery life, which the iPhone doesn’t have.  For casual users, you only need to charge the iPod once a week, if you only use it at the gym or on the drive home.
No DSC or DVC for me

This device means that I won’t be buying another Digital Camera or a Digital Video Camera for awhile.  I may get a DVC with USB 3.0 (and a really bright lens, but only when USB 3.0 is available.  I don’t expect the iPod the lens to be awesome, or any image stabilization, but this could be good enough for 60% of what I need.

Some crazy reporter said: The entry level iPod touch is $229 and an iPhone is only $199 for the same features. Of course for the $199 iPhone 4, you commit to 2 year contract with AT&T which will cost you $55-$70 a month for the phone plus data service.  If you have a data plan already, then it makes sense.  If you don’t need data out and around town, then the iPod touch does just fine.


New Nano


The New Nano uses a small touch screen, probably to save space and still provide a display.  The Nano is the first iPod to include the FM Tuner.  To me, the Nano can truly be worn like a fashion item with rotating pictures and music.  Video isn’t enabled.  I expect the video experience just wouldn’t be great and it would drain a small battery.

This image is from the Apple website and More from the Apple website here.

The previous version included video recording, but that feature is now in the Touch, so nano really has it’s niche of portable music for those that only need a solid MP3 player and want select what they want to listen to.  The Shuffle offers a no display version, but if you read this blog you already know that.

Competitors to Apple

Sony Walkman dethrones the iPod in Japan


To your left you’ll see the Sony S3 Walkman that outsold the iPod for a 4 week period this year.  The only time that it has outsold the iPod for a long time.






The Samsung 7 inch Galaxy Tablet looks pretty cool running Android, and you would expect it to look good in an ad from Samsung.









Dell Streak Reviews – This 5 inch tablet runs Google Android also.  This 2 min video gives a nice summary of multiple reviews.


Peel for iPod

The Peel turns the last generation iPod into a phone.  It lets you connect any SIM card into the Peel  Engadget reported that it is a case, a battery, and a baseband chip.

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