To USB or Not to USB


BluLightning Form Factor & USB 3.0 in a Digital Camera or DVC

BluLighting Cards & USB 3.0 – The BluLighting card uses standard USB 3.0 receptacles.  These are the same receptacles that you will find on your Mobile phone or digital camera.BluLightning Card showing USB 3.0 recepticales

For the Consumer, This reuse allows you to use standard USB 3.0 cables to connect to the card to your laptop.  No special card reader is needed.  The same cable you use to connect your camera or phone to your PC will let you connect to the card.

For the Manufacturer, standard receptacles mean you can get cheaper USB 3.0 connectors that are produced with high quality in high volume.  Again, you get to reuse USB controllers, software, IP.

For the PC Maker, they can (potentially) have one less slot on the PC, like an SD slot, or at least you need to add a new slot for a new form factor.  (More on this in a later blog post)

BluLightning in DSCs and DVCs

Future digital cameras (DSCs) or digital video camera (DVCs) will include both a USB 3.0 Device and a USB 3.0 Host.

The USB 3.0 Device will replace the current USB 2.0 Device in your DSCs/DVCs for connecting to your PC, or TV, or Blu-Ray Player.   You’ll use this USB port just as you always have to view, transfer, and print your photos from your camera.

The USB 3.0 Host will be inside the camera.  It will receive the USB 3.0 receptacle on the BluLightning Card that you purchase.  The USB 3.0 Host in the camera only needs to support USB 3.0,, there is no need for any USB 2.0 circuitry or a USB 2.0 PHY.  This can save significant area and power in the camera.  USB 3.0 only means USB 3.0 power savings which means more aggressive power savings that USB 2.0.  So using BluLighting maximizes throughput, minimizes area, and minimizes power usage.

See previous blog for pictures.

Synopsys Virtual Synposium Aug 31-Sept 2

I invite you to our first every Virtual Synopsys trade show where we will have a special area focusing on USB 3.0, HDMI, DDR, PCIe, SATA, and more.   Synopsys IP people will be on duty for live chat sessions throughout the conference.  I’ll be on duty August 31 from 3pm to 5pm so come to the Virtual Booth and lets chat.  Register here for the Synopsys Virtual Synposium.

More USB 3.0 Hard Drives

The Samsung starts shipping the new Samsung S2 USB 3.0 Drives seen on the right this month the European Union.

The IOmega eGo drives will include USB 3.0 without a changes in price which means they’ve somehow been integrate it into their product with no change in cost, or in a grab for market share.   They look cool too.

DDR Hard PHY Video

This is the most awesome IP Video you will ever see.

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