To USB or Not to USB


I’ve lost my iPod Touch, now what?

So I’m looking at the faster, 3rd Generation iPod Touch that has a faster microprocessor than the 2nd generation one I lost.  I can spend about $150 less for the 32GB version I bought just 18 months ago.

I can wait 6 months and see if the 4th Generation iPod Touch comes out this fall, and buy an even faster iPod Touch.

Or, I can switch to the Microsoft Zune HD or Kin.

Yes, you haven’t heard of these.  The Zune HD has a touch screen and many of the features of the iPod Touch.   The few that own it, love it.


I have the 1st generation Zune and it works well. It has a hard drive, and I’ve had no problems.  I don’t love the PC software, but I’ve heard that some others like it.


The Kin, has 2 versions seen below.  The rectangle version below is called the Kin Two and the software for this one looks terrific.

If you go to the Kin website you can see an example of the website where it displays on a timeline text messages, photos, and basically everything you’ve received over some period of time.  It shows photos of the individuals, and the txt, and basically can be use to tell a story.  I thought it was innovative way that goes the next step to organizing your content.  Of course, this all uses USB for the charging interface.  With a data plan of $30 a month for 2 years, it’s 50 US$ for this one.

iPad Review

I’ve also spent some time with my Dad’s iPad.  I watched a Netflix movie on it, and it looked really pretty good.   I browsed the web.  I read some e-mail.  The kids loved it.  Overall, it really is a terrific casual device for working around the home.  I’d buy one if I had $500 bucks of disposable income.  No question.

A friend of mine said he has to upgrade to the 3G version of the iPad with a data plan when it becomes available because he can’t access the internet sites he wants (like Facebook) at work.  He will use the iPad at work, and give his “old” iPad to his sister.

Wish I had a brother with an iPad he was ready to discard.

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