To USB or Not to USB


Sleep and Charge USB from Toshiba

A feature in Toshiba laptops allows you to charge your USB devices from USB ports even when your PC is asleep.  I thought this was pretty cool because with standard PCs, your laptop has to be on to charge your devices, on the Toshiba, your laptop can be off.

I assume that you can draw down your laptop battery or be charging from the wall your laptop and all your other devices, even when the laptop is off.   You probably know your PC has to be on for the USB to provide power normally.  This is such a simple idea, and I think it’s great.  I love this kind of Innovative thinking.

You will also see a mixed eSATA and USB port. I can’t tell how this works, but it looks like you both Physical connectors are in the same socket, but eSATA is flipped over so the 2 electrical PHYs fit in the same socket differently. So it’s really just 2 connectors in one.  Certainly if you are investing in eSATA it will work great.  You can get USB 3.0 now as an add-in card and use all your existing USB and new USB 3.0 products with that add-in card so you will have 2 options.

No matter what, this Toshiba laptop feature is pretty cool and will help reduce the number of adapters you need to bring on business trips.

(I stole this idea for a blog entry from a coworker).

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