To USB or Not to USB


USB only Monitor from Samsung

Samsung demonstrated a USB only monitor at the Society for Information Display conference last week in Oregon.  The screen uses a forked USB 2.0 connector to provide the power necessary.  This is only possible because this is an edge-lit LED display.

thumb_230_5 thumb_230_6

The pictures and the full article are from TechOn here and in the link below

Also, at Everything USB, the author speculates that with USB 3.0 you could maybe use a single USB 3.0 port. I’ve run the math below and my commentary is at the end of this blog entry.

Current Voltage Power per port Comment
USB 2.0 500mA 5V 2.5W
USB 3.0 900mA 5V 4.5W
USB 3.0 with modified power like on Gigabyte motherboard 2700mA 5V 13.5 W One modified USB 3.0 port will work like those find on Gigabyte motherboards


I should point out that some USB 2.0 devices pull more than the legal 500mA from a Host, and when they do, they violate the specification.

The interesting thing that TechOn reports that the display requires 6.3 W.  You can see from the calculations above, that 2 USB 2.0 ports will only generate about 5 W.  This means that either the actual average power requirement is much lower than 5W, or there is some power savings scheme on the screen when running on USB.   My hope is that displays would run at even lower power and could run off off a single USB 3.0 port.

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