To USB or Not to USB


Two Taxis in Beijing – One with USB


There are 2 types of Taxis in China: The a) Beat-Up Taxis and b) Less Beat Up Taxis.clip_image001[4]

In this picture from a Less Beat Up Taxis, you’ll see an aftermarket stereo with a USB flash drive.

Keep in mind a couple of things.  These cabs are cheap to ride in, relative to a Tokyo, San Francisco, Paris, Munich, or London taxi.

This means the stereo has to be cheap & the flash drive is certainly cheap.

But more importantly, the cab driver has to have a PC at home & be able to transfer music (legal or less legal).

He has access, training, and motivation to use the technology.

Trivial to anyone reading this blog, but anyone who does IT support for their Parents PC will tell you it isn’t as trivial as it seems.

Both the PC and the USB technology is pervasive, understood, and easy-to-use.

This is Everyday USB in China.

If you buy a Ford or any number of cars, you know that you can get standard on those cars also, which says something too.



This is a GPS system with an integrated Digital Video Broadcast receiver so you can watch TV when you are driving and don’t need the GPS all the time.

There was no motion lock on this GPS when there was car movement, so you could navigate the menus, watch TV, enter a new destination all while the car is in motion.

I’m sure there was USB somewhere on the thing, but I didn’t get a close look.


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