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Apple says that 300,000+ iPads flew out it’s Apple Stores’ doors the first day.  Some analysts think that as many as 700,000 were sold in the first few days.

Stuff you’ve read and some you haven’t

1) In my opinion, we have never seen more, real excitement about a consumer product.  Only Game Consoles (PS3, XBox360, Nintendo Wii) elicit similar behavior.

My dad, who is more than 70 years old, lined up on Saturday morning to pick up his. He had ordered 2 different ones to make sure he would get his.  Up until Wednesday, he was trying to figure out if he needed a 16GB or 64GB version.  He sent us an e-mail from his iPad from the Apple Store.

2) High Attach Rate – Apple reports over 1 million apps downloaded and 250,000+ books.  With over 3000 available at launch.

iPhone/ iPod Touch Apps run out-of-the-box. so the thousands of apps already run on this platform.

iPad Apps will cost more than iPhone Apps which means that at $3 to $20, each App will bring in more money than the i Phone Apps.

3) If Apple achieves over 1 million users, which seems highly likely by the end of the year, they will have outpaced Google’s Android by leaps and bounds.  On top of this, Apple developers can use existing iPhone apps and with minor modifications re-build them specifically for the iPad.

4) The iPad will displace more Netbooks than Notebooks

Business people will still need Notebooks, but Netbook buyers will prefer the iPad for it’s interface, versatility, and ease-of-use.   Only the emerging economies and students will use Netbooks.  Only people getting Netbooks for free will use them.

5) The TouchScreen will be more commonplace on the notebook

Notebooks have become so cheap, that that the incremental cost of the touch screen will make that a standard feature.  People will be willing to pay for it.  Notebook makers will need to provide both to increase the value of the notebook and to make it sellable.  Also, the volumes of touchscreens should bring prices down.

6) USB is the only wired way to interface to the iPad.  But you knew that.

I’ve picked a few key videos, that I think you should watch.  Try to watch at least the first 2 videos.
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This one talks about how the iPad is a game changer, I don’t agree on that it kills notebooks, but it definitely displaces Netbooks.


This one talks about Apps.  Look at the Zillow App about 2 min 14 sec into the video.


Here’s a Video Review from PCMagazine.  I like this one the best for completeness.


This is a bonus one that shows how a family would use this.

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