To USB or Not to USB


Synopsys USB 3.0 Finalist for EDN Innovator of the Year

Synopsys is a finalist for EDN’s Innovator of the Year.

I’d like to ask all the readers of this blog to please go to the EDN website and vote for Synopsys.  Our engineers have worked hard to create a combined solution of USB 3.0 SuperPHY and USB 3.0 Controllers of the highest performance, highest quality and lowest area.  This lets our customer concentrate on the features that really add value like minimizing power consumption, maximizing system performance, or fantastic industrial design.

Please go to the link below and vote for Synopsys.

I suppose if you are a competitor you could go vote for someone else.

But that would be just plain mean.

Also, Here’s a picture of a few people from from our first Demo in November 2008.

Synopsys USB team low res

The engineers don’t look so happy because they’ve been up late, working weekends and when the picture was taken, the demo wasn’t working.  It turned out that one of the circuit boards we bought (a $10 part) wasn’t working. So after 6 hours of debugging at 1 am, they figured that out, and the demo worked.

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