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Why does the iPhone still have have the best phone touch screen?

I’m on holiday, but I came across this article at TechCrunch that asks “Why does the iPhone still have the best touch screen in the world?”  The author links to informal data showing that the iPhone still has the best screen compared to the iPhone, HTC Droid Eris, Motorola Droid, and Google Nexus One.

The TechCrunch author concludes that no one sees this touch screen technology as important since the iPhone has been around since 2007.  I think this goes even further back, the technology must be at least 1 year older, maybe 2006 or 2005.  This means in the last 4 years no one has either been able to duplicate the hardware and software used to make a great glass capacitive touch screen.

I also think that Apple’s competitors underestimate the user experience with this level of responsiveness.  When I’m flicking through my podcasts on my touch screen of my Apple iTouch, this is a much different experience than using my Garmin GPS (which has a resistive touch screen). I get pretty frustrated with this.  This is an extreme example, and I haven’t tried any of the new phones, but it gives me a feeling of what the frustration would be like of having a less responsive screen.

I’m simply saying this.  Apple iPhone users enjoy the responsiveness touch screens. Whatever deficiencies critics may point out in the iPhone, I suspect that competitors will have a really hard time converting iPhone users to non-iPhones even if the newer phones can multi-task or offer Adobe Flash.  That iPhone screen is an innovative, competitive advantage .

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