To USB or Not to USB


DisplayLink USB 3.0 Demo with Synopsys USB 3.0 IP and HDMI IP

Dennis Crispo, Vice President of Marketing for DisplayLink demonstrates the DisplayLink USB 3.0 prototype using Synopsys USB 3.0 Digital Device Controller IP and HDMI Digital Tx Controller IP.


With the 10x speed improvement over USB 2.0, the 5Gbps SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connection enabled Displaylink to demonstrate the ability to stream in real time, high definition, uncompressed 1080p video from a USB 3.0 hard drive and PC through our USB 3.0 IP on the HAPS platform and displayed via HDMI on a Samsung 1080p LCD TV.  Check it out

To try to be more clear,

A USB 3.0 Hard Drive provides the video to a PC with a USB 3.0 Host.

The PC is running a media player that plays the video.

The video is sent out through the USB 3.0 Host port to the FPGA board.  The FPGA board has the Synopsys USB 3.0 Device controller.  The Controller decodes the packets, sends them over to our HDMI Tx Controller, and out over an HDMI cable to the Monitor.

Even though Gervais Fong is our SuperPHY guy, we are using the TI USB 3.0 PHY (our friends in interoperability).

Thanks to Gervais, Dennis, and DisplayLink for this video.

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