To USB or Not to USB


Apple iPad has USB 2.0, not USB 3.0

As the LA Times reports, Steve Jobs announced the Apple iPad.  In addition, to WiFi, and Bluetooth, it includes a USB 2.0 port to connect to a Mac.  I really, really hope that you can connect this to a PC also with USB.  I assume this with use iTunes as the primary syncing tool, just as I do with my iTouch.

To the weirdos on the internet who would point out “There’s no USB 3.0!”  I would like to point out that this does not include USB 3.0 because this device has probably been in design for 2-3 years, probably before the USB 3.0 specification came into existence.  In other words, technology doesn’t appear out of thin air.

I also would like to point out that since the first version of the device has 64GB of Flash (most expensive option), next year’s will probably have 128GB, and the year after that 256GB.  This assumes that they follow the path of the first 3 generations of iTouch, the iPods, the Nanos, of which our family owns multiple versions of each.  I think the iPhone may have followed this path also, but I don’t own one of those.  Of course, I expect cell phones and media players from other leading companies will upgrade their memory capacity. 

Acer has been making big strides in the netbook area, and is introducing a eBook which isanother tablet.  Acer says that it will support Apps and run the Google Chrome OS.  In fact, Stan Shih throws down the gauntlet at the entire US PC industry including Apple and says the US PC brands will disappear like US TV brands. 

With so many products in this space, the tablet PC will be the perfect candidate for USB 3.0 for transferring content faster from a primary PC that downloads data from the internet regularly through an internet connection that is slower than WiFi or USB 3.0.

I’m going to go ask my significant other for permission to buy an iPad now.  Maybe if I buy two…

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