To USB or Not to USB


LightPeak and USB 3.0

I still get questions about Light Peak versus USB 3.0 so I’d like to set the record straight.

LightPeak has been demonstrated once, at one event.
USB 3.0 has an Ecosystem of IP, Software, Chip, and Hardware with dozens of products shipping.

I’m sure LightPeak will be successful in the future, but USB 3.0 is taking-off now

And since Analog is hot, here’s the latest on our analog offerings.


More USB 3.0 Products

Vantec announced both USB 3.0 Host PCI-e Add-In cards for PCs and ExpressCards for Laptops

Startech announced an ExpressCard

Century has an HDD Stage rack which is suspiciously like the Sharkoon HDD docking station.  These accept standard SATA Hard Disk Drives and let you use USB 3.0.

I’m told you can buy USB 3.0 Hosts and Drives in Taiwan and in Japan pretty easily, but it’s all back-ordered in the U.S.   I’m thinking the suppliers underestimated the demand?

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