To USB or Not to USB


USB 3.0 Products Shipping & the Co-Creator of USB

Cyberpower announced that USB 3.0 will be an option on all their Gamer Xtreme PCs.  This (to my knowledge) is the first PC company to announce support for USB 3.0.   I checked out the CyberPower website, and I found 13 models that let me pick USB 3.0 as a feature.   You can see the cheapest PC option here: CyberPower PC with USB 3.0 option

The most useful product I would like to buy is the Sharkoon SATA dock.  The will accept standard SATA drives and has a connector for a USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 cable. You can see the blue USB 3.0 receptacle in their marketing doc here: Sharkoon SATA QuickDock with USB 3.0,   The dock will retail for around $75.

GeekWarning: This saves us geeks money by allowing us to buy the cheapest, barebone, unpackaged SATA hard drives, and just plug it into the dock for when we need to do a back up.  We don’t need to speed the extra bucks for the fancy, ruggedized hard drives.  The geeks know what I’m talking about.

Otherwise, you can buy one of the other USB 3.0 storage devices listed below for yourself, your family, your friends… 

Sharkoon sells a matching USB 3.0 Host Card.  Of course, if you bought the CyberPower GamerXtreme and the QuickDock then you’d be all set for USB 3.0.


USB Co-Creator

Also, Conan O’Brian interviewed the Co-Creator of USB, Ajay Bhatt.  You saw an actor in original USB commercial.  You can see both the Interview and the Commercial and Engadget here:


Running list of USB 3.0 Products (with Links)

CyberPower Gamer Xtreme

ASUSP7P55D-E Premium,P6X58D Premium, P7H57D-V EVO
Gigabyte – 7 modelsGA-P55A-UD6, UD5, UD4P, UD3P, UD3R, UD3

•NEC Host in Add-In Cards/ExpressCards

Buffalo HDD
Dane-Elec HDD/SDD
Active Media Aviator 312
Freecom HDD
SuperTalent Flash Drive
Sharkoon SATA Dock

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