To USB or Not to USB


First USB 3.0 Hub Demo ever

At Fall 2009 IDF, Synopsys was the first company ever, in the history of the USB to demonstrate a USB 3.0 Device, Host, and Hub all from one company (that’s us).

In this case, our SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hub is connected to our USB 3.0 Mass Storage Device, a USB 2.0 Flash Drive, and a USB 1.1 Mouse.   The Host we are using is the USB-IF provided one that is part of the USB 3.0 PDK (Peripheral Developer’s Kit).  It’s the NEC version.

The really short (<90 sec) video can be seen here

and it should be embedded below also.


The point is that we can demonstrate interoperability of USB 3.0, 2,0, and 1.1 products.  This is essential so that you and your customers can use their 10 year old USB mice and inkjet printers with your new USB 3.0 hard drives and flash drives in the year 2010.

Note:  We are actually using a USB 2.0 Hub chip to provide the 2.0 connection, but we can do this because the USB 3.0 and 2.0 are electrically separate.  We only provide the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hub portion.

I should also point out that TI had a (really cool) demonstration of their fully integrated USB 3.0 Hub nearby.  We will post a video of that next week.

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