To USB or Not to USB


Video Games more important than Food – It’s Official

Sort of.

In a survey of 4,700 kids, then Nintendo Wii and DS are more loved than Oreo’s, MacDonald’s, and Kraft Mac and Cheese.  You can read the article here

Smarty Pants conducted the survey which confirms what parents of 6 to 12 year olds already know: Kids will give up food, exercise, sleep, and sunshine to spend time getting an artificial tan from a video display.

How does this relate to USB?

The Wii, PS2, PS3, and XBOX 360 all have USB ports.

The latest Rock Band game Beatles Rock Band includes the ability to sing a 3-part harmony while playing Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Drums (or any combination).  You use your Wiimotes (Wii Wireless Remotes) plugged into the instruments.  (Official video of the game in action can be seen here

But how do you connect the 3 microphones?  USB

I have 5 USB microphones from PS2 Karaoke games for the PS2 and PC Voice Recognition packages.  They all work on the Wii.  I use the same USB microphones on my PC, my PS2, and my Wii.  They were all designed and built over the past 8 years.  Awesome compatibility.

The Wii has only 2 USB ports, but I need 3 ports for my microphones. I took my USB 2.0 Hub connected to my PS2, and plugged it into the Wii.  Now I can plug 3 USB Microphones in, and sing three part harmonies with adults and elementary school kids (mine).

Backward and Forward compatibility is a foundation of USB success.  Seeing in non-PCs just makes it more cool.

Pick up Beatles Rock Band, and your 6 year old will be singing “She’s got a ticket to ride” during Art class too.

(By the way, check out the Smarty Pants Website it is beautifully designed website.)

(Only read this Sidenote if you plan to buy Beatles Rock Band:  I actually am using instruments from Guitar Hero World Tour.  This frees up a USB port because the Rock Band 2 instruments actually use a USB to Wireless Dongle to communicate with the Wireless Guitars and Drums.  In this way they take up USB ports, but do not use the Wiimotes inside the instruments.  You still need a USB 2.0 Hub, to connect 3 microphones.)

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