To USB or Not to USB


USB 3.0 Hosts hit the Japan Market (sort of)

I was super excited to see the picture at the website below that shows a PC Add-In card for desktops and a ExpressCard for laptops.

You will see (what looks link) the packaged products, on the shelf, ready to be bought by eager USB Fanatics.

Then I forwarded the link, and someone who actually reads Japanese told me the sign actually says, “Available at the end of the year”

I need to call my Japanese friends, and tell them to go back to the office.  The cards aren’t available today.

On the other side of the Cable…

Also,  LucidPort and Fujitsu announced availability of USB 3.0 SATA to USB 3.0 Bridge Chips.  These will be important for adapting existing SATA hard drives (pretty much all the hard drives used with desktop and laptop PCs) to USB 3.0 for use in external hard drives.

Fujitsu expects to go to volume production in September 2009 according the the eetimes article found here:

These 2 silicon providers provide a critical piece to getting the early market going along with NEC on the Host side.  Hopefully we will see USB 3.0 Hard Drives with these chips at the same time the NEC Host becomes available.

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