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USB 3.0 Article from Ron Wilson at EDN

Ron Wilson, editor from EDN, recently published a very comprehensive article on USB 3.0. It includes insight from Synopsys as well as other notable companies such as SMSC, PLX Technology and TI. The article covers key areas that designers should understand when designing for USB 3.0 and consider when evaluating a USB 3.0 IP solution. But, more importantly, it reveals the critical implementation issues that are typically encountered only after they appear in the design process.  By understanding these issues ahead of time, it enables designers to better plan their USB 3.0 implementation.  And not coincidentally, these issues are addressed by the features in our USB 3.0 IP.

The article can also be found online:

This Blog Entry Above Written by “PHY Guy” Gervais Fong, our USB PHY Product Marketing Manager.

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