To USB or Not to USB


USB in TVs

Internet Connectivity in TV is definitely happening.  CES had lots of examples of this

USB in TVs is definitely happening.

Connectivity and USB are definitely related.  You see, you can plug a WiFi USB Dongle into a USB port and connect your TV wirelessly to the internet.  It means that you don’t have to integrate the WiFi into the TV itself.

Here are 2 TVs that recently announced USB support:
The Toshiba REGZA and the Samsung B700

I recommend listening to this story on NPR (or read it) about streaming movies to your TV.  This set up seems extreme with a Stereo Tuner, Tivo, Apple TV, and Apple mini, but who am I to judge?  I have 3 Tivos and a DVD player hooked up to our main TV.

At times I am conflicted about writing about my personal TV experiences. You see, many of my colleagues in the office and around the world have no time to watch TV (or claim to).

Yet, I am a fan of several shows and I record a bunch of others. I watch them in the Gym on my iTouch or Zune. I use Netflix for DVDs of TV shows at the Gym (I go more than 180 days a year), and I watch TV at home a few hours a week when I’m working on something else.  Almost never just a a “Sit and Watch Experience”

It seems to be both uncool and unproductive in today’s world to just unwind and watch something.   Frankly, I feel nothing but “TV remorse” when I “Sit and Watch.”
More frankly, I never watch live TV, I only use Tivo.  Cut out the commercials and the characters you hate and you get done in 1/2 the time.

At the same time, we are praying for the consumers to buy more TVs.
More Consumer Electronics.
More Set Top Boxes (well, HD Programming through our cable provider)/
This is so that our entire industry can pick up.  We want consumers to buy more stuff that entertains us.  Of course we want businesses to buy stuff to, but ultimately, businesses serve consumers.  So we want consumers to buy more TVs, more iPods, more gadgets, more net tops, more laptops.

So the more we work, the less time we have to buy consumer electronics and use them.

It’s probably just me.

Then, of course, fitness experts say “don’t watch a movie while your exercising” and “don’t be a couch potato”.

I say, “Just go and run up a big hill and leave me in the Gym with my Media Player.”

Watch Chuck on NBC this fall.  Its fun.

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