To USB or Not to USB


USB 3.0 Hosts in 2009

Much of the market has been watching for USB 3.0 Hosts.  They want to know when we will see them on the market.  I’m extremely excited to see that NEC has announced availability of their USB 3.0 Host controller.  Specifically, they state that they will be ramping to a production for 1 Million units per month by September 2009.

Also interesting is this Digitimes article with a rumor that AMD will have a mobile chipset with USB 3.0 sometime in 2010.  The Digitimes article can be found here:

Finally, we will be displaying our USB 3.0 Device with the TI USB 3.0 PHY at the USB Developers Conference this week in Tokyo, Japan.

The press releases can be found here.

TI’s release:

Synopsys release:

The press releases call the PHY a Transceiver.  I like to call it a PHY.

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