To USB or Not to USB


Flash and Hard Drives in Camcorders today

So I looked at Best Buy and Target Ads in my local newspaper this weekend. 

Of the 6 Camcorders in the Best Buy Ad:
1 uses tape
1 uses DVD
1 uses flash
3 use hard drives

So Jay and Mick I win.  Okay, I just stated the obvious.   The camcorders use hard drives mostly, and not necessarily for HD.   Flash is coming, so we will see when the crossover point is from hard drives to flash.   I think that hard drives still dominate the market in some form because they will just be cheaper.  I’m sure some expert out there knows.

So what I want to do is set up to camcorders with 20GB of memory each on 2 corners of my kids soccer field. I  want to be able to start them up at the same time, and when I’m done,  plug both into my PC, have the video download to my PC, synchronize, and build a DVD with 2 angles of video.  I can switch back and forth and my kids can watch themselves play soccer.  This would require the camcorder guys to develop a combined hardware and software solution to make this happen, but it might drive up camcorder sales because I would then be buying 2 instead of just 1 camcorder.  For me, I’d spend maybe $1000 for this package, although in a survey I’d probably lie and say I’d pay $1200 for a 2 camera system.  But I’d probably wait for the system to have USB 3.0.

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