To USB or Not to USB


Why not Flash Memory instead of USB 3.0?

JayC commented that flash is a viable option.  I think this is interesting.

At CostCo I can buy two (2) 2 GB SD cards for $27.  If this trend continues, I could by two (2) 4 GB SD cards for $30 in 12 months.  It might be interesting if you could do the same with a 32GB that sells for $130 plus.

This makes sense for short videos, not videos of longer events, but if your kid is singing 2-3 songs in show, this works well. Videos up to 5-10 minutes at a NTSC or slightly better resolution.

As long as SD can keep up with the read/write speeds then this might be viable.  The issues for SD memory is speed and cost.  SD makers can speed up the rate for read/write by putting more banks in parallel. However, this adds cost.

Can the flash keep up with the needs of pro-sumers?  Can it keep up with HD video Camcorders?
How do the read/write speeds of flash compare to rotating media like hard drives? 

Wikipedia says:

Rating Speed (MB/s)
  6x  0.9
 32x  4.8
 40x  6.0
 66x 10.0
133x 20.0
150x 22.5

The first column is rating, the second is speed.  I’m pretty sure that SATA is faster, and that hard drives are faster.  SD may have a power advantage. I know that SSD drives do. However, the 64GB drives are something like $500.  So an SSD with SATA in a camcorder makes more sense to me from a speed perspective.

If you know something about this, please post a comment.

Also, let us know what you think the first products will be?

I’ll respond to Mick’s incendiary comments another day.  He’s always drawing to draw attention to SATA for some reason.

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