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Execution – The Non-Rant – USB 3.0

Another, less timely post that I composed weeks ago:

Blog note: Never use the word “feve(r)” in a Blog as you will get Blog comment SPAM from people trying to sell you antibioti(c)s.  Really?  Who is going to click on a link in a blog comment to find cheap antibioti(c)s?

(Also, never mention being sick in your blog as the SATA PMM Mick Posner will make fun of you for weeks for trying to get the sympathy of your readers)

Untimely blog begins here:

I’ve seen some traffic on USB 3.0 regarding companies upset that they don’t have access to the USB 3.0 Host specification.

I thought about ranting, but I think I’ll turn this around.

In the last, oh 20 years or so, there has been at least 2 companies that executed superbly in the past 2 years.  Both have spent 10s of millions building and promoting standards like USB, PCIExpress, SATA… 

I admire these companies immensely. The effort of the individuals, the on-going work; it just astounds me.  This kind of leadership and execution builds new markets, new business, and helps everyone prosper. 

A great example of this is the USB-IF.  The organization is run by the USB promoters and anyone who is a member can join and get their devices for tested at plug-fests held in San Jose 3-4 times a year.

The USB Promoters and member companies participate by commenting, writing, simulating, discussing, and occasionally arm wrestling over USB standards.  Member companies (like Synopsys) can participate in the Device Working Group to create, review, or revise USB standards.

The USB-IF (backed by member companies) have run these plug-fests for about 12 years. Hundreds of companies have benefited.

USB 3.0 will go into the same infrastructure and working groups.

 I am confident that all the companies adopting USB 3.0, including the Host specification, will do well.

Shameless unrelated Plug Here:  In terms of Execution for example, our USB PHY team has ported our USB 2.0 PHY to over 40 process ports.  Few teams, maybe none have accomplished this.  Frankly, the PHY team doesn’t need the plug, I just happen to think they are a great example.

This non-rant is complete.  Congratulations to everyone who made it here.

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