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The fever is long gone.  Brain cells lost never come back.

I’m told by my “friend” Mick Posner my last blog “I have a fever” was “lame”
In response, another collegue and ally said “When’s Mick going to start his blog?”

Strangely enough, readership is up.

I learned new things (while feverish) as I caught up on 5 Lost episodes.  After watching 2 episodes on my tiny iPod screen, I discovered that ABC streams the HD versions of the entire 4 seasons on their website for free.  I think this is the only show available like this in the world, but I have only looked at NBC, ABC, and BBC sites.  For Lost, every 12 minutes or so, I watch a 30 second commercial that I can’t skip, both in-house ads and commercials for Jack-In-The-Box, Nissan, and other stuff.  This is pretty cool.  As the video loads, the resolution gets better over the first minute or so.  This is great because I can start watching immediately.

I also discovered that I don’t really need to see all the scenes in HD.  I mean, HD is cool.  But seeing the cuts and bruises on people that have been downtrodden isn’t exactly what I was thinking of.  (I don’t have a Blu-Ray player or HD signal into my home).  I defintely prefer HD for watching “Cars” upscaled from a DVD to 480p.  Pixar Rules.

Back to Lost in HD, so if I’m sitting in front of my PC or TV, and have 45 minutes free and I have broadband, then I can watch “Lost” for free in HD.  However, I’ve discovered this almost never happens.  I’m not sitting anywhere watching anything.  I only watch consistantly at the Gym maybe 2-3 times a week on the treadmill.  So I still need to carry around my video.  I don’t enjoy the iPod screen size, but it’s really convenient.  I like to have video available when I want it.  I want to watch what I want to watch.

What will I pay for this?  About $2 for 48 minutes of entertainment. This is based on the price of a show on/in iTunes store.  I have bought Ugly Betty at this price on iTunes.  Yes, I watch Ugly Betty, or at least I used to until I lost interest last fall.  Based on my Netflix subscription price, and the frequency that I actually watch these (mostly at the gym) I figure I’m paying a little more than a dollar per 48 minutes for these rented DVDs.

My dream Portable Media Player – I want a flash based device with a screen of at least 9 inchs, about the size of an Airbook.  If the device had 80GB of space, weighed less than 2 lbs and had a battery life of 4 hours.  I would probably pay $300, plus $2 for each 48 minutes of content.  I actually think I might pay up to $400, but I’m more of a value guy, so I’d wait for it to drop to $300.  I really wonder who would pay what for how much?

USB 3.0 for wired battery charging and data transfer and CWUSB for wireless transfers with a docking station for power and maybe even holding it up during viewing.   I don’t need web-browsing or digital camera or anything else.  Just music and movies, lightweight, and a large, thin screen.

What does your dream portable media player look like?
What would you pay?

  USB 3.0 Wireless USB

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