To USB or Not to USB


How does tech make my life better – Observations

  I’m on hour 16 of my 30 hour door to door trip to Israel for our Synopsys SNUG event.  I’ve been thinking about how USB or really any technology really helps me day-to-day.  I mean helps me enjoy my life or makes it simpler.  So I’m not talking about work applications like e-mail or SAP, but really improve the quality of my life.

 If there is one thing, it’s my MP3 player.  I listen to it at night, bring it with me for the gym and in the car (when the news isn’t on) and sync it every 2 or 3 days.

At home, I watch little TV on my 46″ LCD.  I bought the TV so my wife could watch from the kitchen 10 feet away and have a great picture. (For some reason my wife doesn’t believe this claim.)

 Yep, so it’s the MP3 player, which I’ve loaded up with perfectly legal music, podcasts and videos.  Yes, legal.

 Also, I’m sitting in a Frankfurt airport, and I just saw this LG commercial in German which apparently was a Superbowl commercial in the US.  If you go to YouTube and search “LG Commercial” look for the 34 second commercial with a guy watching a large LCD display.  It looks like it’s high-def with a built in PVR.  It’s cool, but I won’t be upgrading my TV until we need a new one for the kitchen.

The link below might work, and it might not.

We have 5 or so Haiku’s. I’ve awarded the first USB mouse for a Haiku, take a look at the previous post.  Still a couple of weeks left.

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