To USB or Not to USB


USB Haiku Challange

Looking for something Technical?

Not here.

Today, I’m introducing the USB Haiku Challenge.  The Challenge will last through April 29, 2008.  Why?  Because I’m travelling and it will be end of quarter so I’m busy as all get out now to close business.

Everywhere are you
Universal Serial
You make happy

The format for a Haiku is: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables

You don’t have to literal, you can be metaphorical too.

D plus and D minus
5 meters to connect to 
Differential too

There’s a reason I’m in marketing and not in a poet. 

 I have 10 USB mice to give away, so all 3 of my RSS subscribers including my mom get 3.33 mice.  I have 25 pens too for the runners up.


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