To USB or Not to USB


The need for USB 3.0 – iTunes to iPod

I’m at this big review of the USB 3.0 Specification here in Las Vegas today.  (I can’t talk about anything here because if I did, the USB-IF would send a bolt of lightning to strke me down.  Really, USB is everywhere, and it’s that powerful.)

 So, I decided to download Ugly Betty Season 2, the first 10 episodes (because I’m totally addicted after watching the first season on DVD).  I bought it on iTunes.  It took a long time to download, but it took at least 15 minutes to transfer 4 episodes to my iPod.  I think the files are about 500MB is size, so my best guess is that 2 GB of files would take something less than 10 seconds based the speeds reported in Wikipedia.

Yeah I’m in marketing and I love USB, and I have no idea how many people actually watch video on an iPod, I just started so I can watch and listen at the gym.  But even these small files of 1 hour long programs for small screens still require time to transfer.  10 seconds vs. 15 minutes is a big deal.

The iTouch is 3.5″.  These screens will get bigger. (Yeah, tell me something I don’t know).  By the time USB 3.0 hits the market, the demand will be there.  Hopefully Ugly Betty will be also.  With more episodes.  After the writers strike is over.  Please.

USB 3.0

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