To USB or Not to USB


CES 2008 – Wireless USB – HP, Realtek

Some great news for Wireless USB. 

Looks like HP is going to be deploying a few products with Certified Wireless USB this year, 2008 according to Rick Merritt in a discussion with Phil McKinney, Chief Technologist at HP.   The first products will be based on dongles, but this is a good start.  Phil tells Rick that this is as trial year for Wireless USB.  Let’s hope it goes well with Dell already shipping laptop PCs with the option, hopefully more manufacturers will include a build option with Wireless USB Hosts.

 Which brings us to…

Realtek reports that it has a single chip CMOS chip for a CWUSB Host.  This is critical to bringing prices down on the overall solution.  Instead of separate digital and radio chips, Realtek and it’s customers will be able to package a single chip module.  This should give Realtek a cost advantage in the market, and better pricing flexibility.  This means Dell and other companies will have lower cost options to implement CWUSB and we will see more PCs with wireless in 2008, probably this summer.

 Of course, Synopsys’ whole IP business is about integration to lower costs, so I’m pretty biased.

Certified Wireless USB Wireless USB CES 2008 HP

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