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CES 2008 – WirelessHD

I watched the WirelessHD demonstration at the Panasonic Booth at CES 2008.  The demo is compelling.   It uses a SiBeam chipset.  An HD stream is transmitted to an HD display over a distance of about 15 feet (it’s hard for me to tell in the video).  In the demo that I saw, the Panasonic person stood between the display and the transmitter and the HD stream kept going.  Only when standing up against the transmitter, the transmission stopped. 

 Apparently the Beam-Forming technology from SiBeam let’s you go around “some” obstacles.  There wasn’t a way to see what the quality of the video was or detect audio/video synchronization issues.  Even on the show floor, the demo is roped/railed off from close inspection (understandably).

The standard is at a release version 1.0 and has the backing of some consumer and technology leaders.  Most importantly, the WirelessHD standard is working with the MPAA on content encryption this seems like a technology to watch.   My only concern is that a single company has all the technology around this.  We will see what happens with the organization and it’s Promoters.

WirelessHD specifications and info are available at

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