To USB or Not to USB


Lower Power USB

As I finish my shopping, I’ve noticed just about everything seems to use USB, or at least the gifts I have purchased.  The iPod iTouch, Canon DSC, Bluetooth headset.  The only thing I haven’t found is a Foot Spa powered by USB.  If anyone has seen one, let me know.

My Product Ideas (for you to steal):

1) USB Power port in the car – lower voltage is just right…
2) USB Foot Spa – Imagine clicking a mouse to turn up the bubbles?
3) Programmable Talking Fortune Teller – Fortunes uploaded daily via USB (WiFi too expensive)
4) USB powered hair clippers, okay dumb idea.
5) Lower Power USB (not my idea)

 The USB-IF formalized an ECN on Link Power Management that introduces a new sleep mode in USB.  The L1 Sleep Mode reduces suspend and resume times by 1000 times, so that the PHY and Link must suspend or wakeup in micro 10 microseconds rather than 3ms.  Also,  per port power control and supplying power to down stream peripherals is now actively manageable.  Go to and download the zip file with the spec to learn more.

For more low power from Synopsys, go to our Low Power Blog.  I have no idea if it’s any good (I’m trying to pick an on-line fight here), but he’s got a huge following so that must mean something.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

 USB Low Power LPM Link Power Management

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