To USB or Not to USB


USB Everyday #1 – TiVo and USB

I love TiVo.

Pictures from my PC on my TV

Why? I use TiVo’s home media feature to stream pictures from my PC to the Tivo. We use this at home to share pictures. This is great. Grandparents look at the pictures and ask to have printouts immediately.

USB on TiVo
Each of my 3 Tivos has 2 USB ports. I use Tivo branded WiFi USB Dongles. Since I upgraded my router to a Linksys WiFi G router, I’ve gotten more reliable connections, and transfers seem faster (maybe because of a TiVo firmware upgrade also). I’ve had this working for 4 years now.

This means I can wireless transmit photos and music from my PC to any Tivo in my house.

Transfer TV Shows to my Laptop
I also transfer TV shows from the TiVo to my laptop for watching on planes the only time I have to watch TV. Yes, I watch my TV shows on my laptop instead of working for 10 hours straight. The hard drive takes less power than my DVD drive.

A USB Host ports on the back of the TiVo let me plug in the WiFi USB Dongles. They work great. I just wish I could add a Terabyte hard drive through those USB ports to add more storage.

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