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Lower Power USB

As I finish my shopping, I’ve noticed just about everything seems to use USB, or at least the gifts I have purchased.  The iPod iTouch, Canon DSC, Bluetooth headset.  The only thing I haven’t found is a Foot Spa powered by USB.  If anyone has seen one, let me know.

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Holiday Wishes

In addition to a Wish for Wireless USB products, I like toys.  PC Magazine has 10 USB powered gift ideas .  I like the Solar Powered Bluetooth car-kit for use in your card (it charges via USB also).  I figure, if I leave this on the dash of my car, it will charge enough for my drive home and drive to work each day.  I also love the USB Microscope.  Mattel had one like this years ago, and I’m glad to see there is one again.  This is one toy I might get for my kids.  But they are spoiled enough already.

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Wireless USB Gifts for 2007

Looks like the IOGear and other Certified Wireless USB products are available now on Amazon.  I just received a Google Alert telling me that Tom’ Hardware Review Holiday Gift Giving Guide recommends the IOGear product.  My dad has been bugging me for a USB 2.0 Hub, but I think this is better.  The USB 2.0 Hub works great, but if I give him the Wireless Version, all the peripherals stay plugged into the Wireless Hub and he just plugs a USB Stick (like a flash drive) into the Laptop and he’s done.  One less cable. I looked under my desk at home the other day, and with the 8 Power Cables, 6 USB cables,  2 1394 cables, and 2 speaker cables.  At least I could reduce the 8 USB cables to 1 with Wireless. 

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Wireless USB Product Reviews, and Effective Throughput

The Price of CWUSB products. As I recall WiFi pairs when they were introduced were $500 or more at their introduction back in before 1999? And that was when $500 was worth something.  I adopted WiFi in 2003 when the pairs cost about $230.  As I recall this is around the time 802.11b was introduced at a price premium in the laptop chipset.  You still needed to buy a router for $120 in those days.  How fast did the throughput those systems run?  Did we need to cut cables in 2000? 2003? Can we live without WiFi today?

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USB Everyday #1 – TiVo and USB

I love TiVo.

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USB Won, Certified Wireless USB will Win. Really…

I agreed to do this blog because there is so little opinionated stuff debunking the debunkers of Wireless USB. Yes, I’m a USB chauvinist, and a Wireless USB chauvinist, but I understand how this stuff gets adopted and used.  At least in my own mind. 🙂

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