The Standards Game


Three standards, one goal – better low-power design

keep calmThere are three active standards projects that address low-power design. They complement each other and are used for different aspects of low-power design. The three are: IEEE Standard P1801, also known as the Unified Power Format (UPF), IEEE P2415, and IEEE P2416. In IEEE-speak, the “P” at the beginning of the number means that it is an active project. When the standard project is completed and balloted, the “P” is removed.

In an attempt to clear up any confusion, and to show the cooperation that is going on with these three projects, I wrote this article, “These 3 Standards Will Help Foster Smart Low-Power Design”.

After so many years of standards activities and standards “wars” in the EDA industry, it is great to see the way the industry produces standards today.

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