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A major milestone – new variation standard established for Liberty

Here’s to the New Year 2014 for The Standards Game, and kudos to all for your accomplishments in 2013.

image 2013 proved to be a fruitful year for the Liberty Technical Advisory Board (LTAB), an IEEE-ISTO industry standards board, which guides the open-source Liberty™ library modeling standard, an important and essential component to the chip design cycle. Five new members were added to LTAB that comprises of representatives from the EDA, IP, foundry, and semiconductor design community. Further news and details of LTAB can be obtained from its website.

One of the focus activities for the LTAB members in 2013, no easy task I might add, was to incorporate the on-chip variation extensions as part of the Liberty standard. The multiple variation formats in use by different tools clearly was hampering designer productivity. (Sound familiar?) The board met multiple times and successfully consolidated various proprietary modeling formats such as advanced on-chip variation (AOCV), parametric on-chip variation (POCV), and statistical on-chip variation (SOCV) into a single unified open-source standard for industry-wide use, known as the Liberty Variation Format (LVF) extensions. The standardization of OCV extensions in Liberty is a major milestone for the LTAB. It is not just about a format, but it’s about technology enablement and, just as important in my opinion, collaboration across the industry. image

I look forward to updating you on LTAB’s continued collaboration in 2014 to evolve the LVF extensions to better support designs at advanced process nodes.



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