The Standards Game


Tweeting about standards–the old-fashioned way

Two of my (many) passions are Twitter and standards. Recently, I completed a fun project that combined both. But in an old-fashioned way. The publisher of the THINKaha book series encouraged me to write a book for their “#XYZ tweet” collection. Each of these short books contain 140 bite-sized ideas on a topic that lets the reader get a quick taste of the subject and/or the author.

I agreed, and the” #STANDARDS tweet” book was born. Tweets in print are rather odd, but it was a fun experience. Thanks again to Rick Jamison (@rickjamison), there are some clever cartoons that adorn the text. Also, thanks to JL Gray (@jlgray) for writing the Foreword and supplying the funniest headshot I’ve ever seen. Too bad I couldn’t bring myself to use it – instead, the book has JL’s officially nice face in the front matter.

If you’d like a free copy of this little book, post a comment, send me an email, connect with me on LinkedIn, message me on  Facebook, or tweet an @mention or DM, and I’ll put one in the mail for you.

Happy Tweeting and Happy Standardization!


standards tweet book

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